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Recognizing and leveraging the potential of your company

For many companies, digitalization raises the question of where they stand with the transformation of their company. With our Digital Maturity Model, we support you in determining the current digitization progress of your company, identifying urgent fields of action and developing suitable measures.

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Pain Points of our Clients

  • Lack of orientation and uncertainty in the initiation, coordination, and implementation of digital strategies
  • Low productivity increase due to time-consuming, repetitive and manual processes
  • Stagnant growth, persistent error rates and a noticeable workload for employees
  • Lack of understanding when it comes to digitally expanding existing business models and opening up new business areas
  • Rigid operational structures and a lack of transformation in corporate culture
  • High costs due to outsourcing of digitization projects and ever shorter innovation cycles in IT

    How You Benefit from the fme Maturity Model

    Your advantages
    »The maturity workshops helped us build a shared image of the path to digitalization in our company. The results enabled us to direct our strategic focus toward the right topics.«

    Kai Holsten
    Commercial Manager at the Gundlach Group

    Our Process Model

    Phase 1: Current Maturity LevelAre you still at the very beginning of your digital transformation or has your company already celebrated its first successful steps? The first phase of the digital maturity assessment begins by determining the current maturity level, an assessment of the current level of digitalization at your company. Following this status check, you know what areas of your company are falling behind the competition and where you have established a solid foundation for the upcoming digitalization process.

    Phase 2: Target Maturity LevelHow digital does your company need to be in order to successfully face the challenges posed by digitalization? To answer this question, the second phase is about working together with you to define the target maturity level for your company. One common misconception is that it is necessary to maximize the level of digitalization in all areas of the company. In truth, the goal is to prioritize current digitalization projects in line with your company’s long-term targets. That way you can avoid wasting resources on unnecessary, ad hoc measures. This process takes other factors into account, such as your value creation architecture, your range of products, and your business model, in order to develop the right digitalization strategy for you.

    Phase 3: MeasuresHow can you increase the digital maturity of your company in order to unlock the next level of digitalization? In the final phase of the digital maturity assessment, we work together with you to conduct a gap analysis in order to identify any critical disparities between your current and target maturity levels. Afterwards, we develop concrete measures that you can use to close these gaps and successfully complete your transformation.

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    Recognize and leverage the potential of your company


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