Software Reviews

Objective software analysis, including a review of all technical decisions and corresponding organizational processes

As a project manager, do you feel anxious during the software development process because it isn’t running as smoothly as you had planned at the outset? Are releases delayed for months? Does the software seem to have more than its fair share of bugs?

Take advantage of our expertise: We conduct an objective software analysis, including a review of all technical decisions and all corresponding organizational processes. Our experts manually evaluate your application, apply automatic code analysis tools, and interview target groups to systematically reveal the weak points in your application. We then present you with concrete evaluations and recommendations that we discuss together with you.

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Software-Reviews: How You Benefit

We believe in-depth problem analysis should always come before hasty symptom management. Software reviews often improve the quality of an application and enable you to save on costs in the long term. In addition, you can save time during active development projects by addressing and implementing potential improvements directly in upcoming sprints. That’s why we want to help you confront your problems proactively.

The Planning Phase

How does our software review process work?

In the planning phase, we work together to analyze the system in question and define concrete goals. In addition, we determine the scope and focus of our review process. During a kick-off workshop, we present you with our review team and explain the process going forward. Then we begin our analysis.

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The Analysis Process

We conduct stakeholder interviews with a range of target groups connected to the system and gather detailed insights into the application’s problems and weak points. At the same time, we analyze the architecture, source text, and application data through a combination of manual checks and automated analysis tools. Finally, we evaluate the results and present them in the form of a final presentation and report.

The Final Presentation

In this presentation, we show you the key results of the software review and provide you with concrete recommendations going forward. Our final report includes in-depth documentation of all of the problems and weaknesses we identified.

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