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Hyland Alfresco

Alfresco is the leading open source ECM platform and provides a cost-effective, yet highly functional and user-friendly alternative to the ECM platforms of more established vendors.

In October 2020, Hyland acquired the Alfresco platform with the goal of becoming the world’s leading provider of content services.

Open Source ECM

Alfresco expands the traditional ECM functionalities to include a number of exciting approaches, features, and interfaces developed in the open source community. The solution’s range of features is curated to appeal to both SMEs (Small Business) and international companies (Enterprise). Compared to other platforms, Alfresco’s licensing costs are far lower and some editions are even free of charge. The annual subscription for Alfresco’s Enterprise version offers users the reliability of an established partner, support throughout a range of performance levels, a performance guarantee, and additional development services.
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ECM Beratung für Hyland Alfresco

Alfresco Plan-Build-Run

We provide you with comprehensive consultation to help you make the most of the Alfresco platform. Working within the scope of your business and technical objectives and requirements, we use Alfresco content services to design the right solution for you, covering all ECM components (capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver).

Thanks to its interfaces, the open source code, and its custom application development framework (ADF), Alfresco is the perfect platform for developing your customized applications. Alfresco’s modular approach and the high scalability it offers ensure that you can continue to manage growing volumes of data.

We offer you all services from a single provider. That means we take over the operation of your Alfresco applications for you, regardless of whether they are running on-premises or in the cloud.

fme File Exchange Plattform

Easily share files with internal users or external partners
The fme File Exchange Platform is a complete solution to exchange files with internal users or external collaborators. It features an interface that is clean and easy to use. Users can create file collections, upload documents and invite other to access or update these file collections. Email notifications ensure that everyone stays current with updates to the files.


  • External users can register themselves, registrations are approved and email adresses are validated
  • Uploads are organized in file collections (and sub folders)
  • Files can be uploaded using HTML5 drag and drop as well as file selection
  • Users can be invited as consumers (read only) or collaborators (read/write)
  • E-Mail notifications for invites, new uploads and content changes
  • File collections can be set to expire and be cleaned up automatically
  • Activity log for owners and administrators to monitor access and changes within file log
  • Administrator can monitor a users’ activity
  • Supported Browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE8 and up

fme extensions for Hyland Alfresco

In addition to the File Exchange Platform, the fme Alfresco team has also developed multiple expansions:

  • fme smartViews (document display in web view)
  • fme Site Discussion Dashlet (social media discussions, similar to Facebook or Yammer)
  • fme Javascript Console (Share Administration Console components)
  • Content Transfer Dashlet
  • Alfresco Share Datalist Extension
  • Edit Metadata On Upload
  • Administrator Notification

Our expansion modules are mainly available as open source solutions, so that when one client sponsors a new feature or upgrade for a new version of Alfresco, all of our clients benefit. Please talk to us if you are interested!

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